Eternal Intermission.

Well, Well, Well…Where to begin..

I have been on a 2 year, 4 day hiatus from this blog. Seems like this medium has lost its popularity. We all know the heavy hitters still around giving out original content. Social Media has taken over, the access to info has changed. It’s understandable as all medias have their shelf life. As you can see by the images above, I have been growing my portfolio of customers/clientele and giving myself a wider range of photography work. I have shot for 12 years now so its been fun to say the least. Many of you and IG followers have told me to revive the site and Im glad there are plenty of fans out there that still enjoy my take on what is cool and hope to continue on. Im very humble, I joke around ( as you guys know who follow me on social media know) and I am so happy many of you love this as much as I do for such a long time.

I did start this site in 2010, it’s been a minute, not quite 10 straight years, but its been more that 10k posts shared, so there’s that. Life moves on but we can’t ever get away from our passion. Enjoy the ride, let’s see where we go from here.