Tropical Meet.

So I went to a meet yesterday at a local park called Tropical Park and it was 90% Honda/Acura meet of course, but all in all, some legit cars, LOTS of Rotas, and fun times…

We where the only one’s tailgating…lol..prepared for the shit..with drinks, BBQ, and chairs, the whole nine..everyone else was just sitting on their hoods or on the floor..haha

Here are some pics..I ll update more later…

Drag K20 EK..with a Garret 40r…


CRX in a puddle of had been raining minutes before..


Sent this pic of a CL9 to Import Tuner; I hope it makes it to their reader section one


Full Euro Accord R conversion on Work Emotions.. one of the nicest Ive seen in person…


My RA64 isnt registered anymoe, Im driving the Baby on Board milf-wagon as some of you may know, so I couldn’t bring it out ..This Hachi was one of two ‘Yotas at the meet..


ehhh..but it had a Honda soul…I was looking for a 4AG with ITB’s..


S2K Cluster(OK) with a Honda Steering wheel in a Hachi..WTF??!!


Cleanest CRX ive seen in Miami…Regas, Recaros, and a SiR front lip, cleeean…


Lastly for now, a S14 with a full 2jz swap with a fatass turbo pushing about 55o to the drags out back..shit was sick.



Anybody want bigger pics, just comment or whatever..haha..later.

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